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Tips&Tricks: Change script template for C#, UnityScript and Boo
When creating a new script in Unity, the editor will open a template file, a skeleton class for you to build on it.
Tips&Tricks: Unity hot keys
Ever wonder what is the corespondent key command for a commonly used mouse click command in Unity?
Unity3D: iOS & Android exports FREE
Pina ieri pentru a putea macar sa te gandesti ca faci un joc pentru mobile cu Unity3D, trebuia sa cheltui cel putin $400 pentru unul din pluginurile care-ti permiteau sa exporti si pe aceste dispozitive.
Building a RayTracer in Unity
In computer graphics, ray tracing is a technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light through pixels in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects. The technique is capable of producing a very high degree of visual realism, usually higher than that of typical scanline rendering methods
Why Unity3D is good for indie and small studios
A frequent question that new users ask when they see Unity for the first time, is why should I choose Unity over other 3D engines. And this has become a legitimate question after big names like Unreal and Crytek moved to the indie/hobbyist market.