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By: Scarpelius on Sep, 09 2013
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Playhouse Games or grazer

Editor OS web browser
Publish on web, iOS
License free, indie and studio
Website http://flowlab.io/

If you have little to no programming skills and you come from flash world, thsn this tool could be just for you.

Flowlab might just look like a joke to a seasoned developer used with unity or udk, but with the advent of new game markets on mobile a joke is not. Making a game might be a matters of minute, I've tried the online editor found on the website through a short tutorial and it was delightfull easy to understand. It have a nice interface, with concepts borrowed from the modern 3D applications, like contextuals menus and libraries of sprites, but what it impressed me it the game logick editor, based on a graph visual representation, where the nodes are actions, variables resulting in complex flow charts that bring up to life the gameplay.

Another nice thing about this, is that it lets you export the game for iPhone and then upload it to the AppStore. It comes with a free, indie and studio license (at very decent prices).


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