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Blender 2.5 Keymap
Blender 2.5 Keymap
By: Scarpelius on Dec, 05 2011
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After the releasing of the Blender 2.5, some of the key shortcuts we were so familiar were changed. Not a very wise solution (i remember my frustration when i first hopped from 2.49 to 2.5x), but all in all Blender 2.5 new facilities and the much more user friendly interface, worth the effort to (re-)learn the new key mapping.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of keys, so if you know a trick or useful shortcut, please tell us.

The keys in this article were tested against Blender 2.6.


  • Numpad key 1: front view.
    • Modifiers: if you press CTRL+1 it will bring up backward view.
  • Numpad key 3: side view.
    • Modifiers: if you press CTRL+3 it will bring up the other side view.
  • Numpad key 7: top view.
    • Modifiers: if you press CTRL+7 it will bring up down side view.
  • Numpad key 0: Camera view.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+0 will bring up Object as Camera mode.
  • Left/Right Arrow key:
    • Modifiers: CTRL+Left/Right Arrow will cycle through predefined screen modes defined in the top toolbar.


Observation: you can extend the current window (the window under the cursor/mouse pointer) to full screen with CTRL+UP ARROW and bring it down to normal with CRTL+DOWN ARROW.

  • F1 key: brings up the Load Dialog, aka  File Browser (in extended mode).
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F1 it will bring up the Link/Append dialog/window.
  • F2 key: brings up the Save As Blender file dialog (in extended mode).
    • Modifiers: If you press SHIFT+F2 it will bring up the Logic Editor.
  • F3 key: brings up Repeat History pop-up window (in extended mode).
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F3 it will bring up the Node Editor.
  • F4 key: not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F4 it will bring up the Python Console (non extended mode).
  • F5 key: not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F5 it will bring up the the 3D View (the mode is dependent of the previous window).
  • F6 key:not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F6 it will bring up the Graph Editor.
  • F7 key: not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F7 it will bring up the Properties Window.
  • F8 key: not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F8 it will bring up the Video Sequence Editor.
  • F9 key: not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F9 it will bring up the Outliner Window.
  • F10 key: not set.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F10 it will bring up the UV/Image Editor.
  • F11 key: brings up the UV/Image Editor but with the last rendered image.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F11 it will bring up the Text Editor.
  • F12 key: render the current view and bring up the UV/Image Editor.
    • Modifiers: if you press SHIFT+F12 it will bring up DopeSheet Editor.
  • Q key: not set
    • Modifiers: CTRL+Q brings up the Quit Blender pop-up.

Mode selection

  • Tab key: switch between Object Mode and Edit mode in 3D View window;
    • Modifiers: CTRL+TAB brings up the pop-up Mesh Select Mode (Vertex, Edge,  Face and Island in UV Editor )
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+TAB toggle the Snap during transform.
  • V key: toggle Vertex Paint mode for 3D View.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+V in Edit Mode, brings up Vertices pop-up.


  • A key: select all or deselect all. Under Sculpt Mode will bring up a pop-up with commands for sculpting.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+A brings up the Mesh pop-up in Edit Mode and Add pop-up in object mode
  • B key: in Edit Mode opens the selection mode. It seems that the old mode when pressing B twice bringing up a brush selection tool is no longer available.
    • Modifiers: in Edit Mode ALT+B selects the vertices/faces in current selection and hides all the rest. To bring up the hidden part press again ALT+B.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+B opens the zoom selection mode, will zoom to the portion of the view selected with the mouse. In Camera View if press SHIFT+B and select only a portion of the view, only that portion is going to be rendered (to cancel this press SHIFT+B again and select outside camera view).
  • C key: brings up the brush selection tool (the old press twice B). Pressing the middle mouse button will deselect the current selected vertices/faces/edges. To exit from selection mode press ESC.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+C will reset the 3D cursor to the origin.
  • D key: not set in Edit/Object Mode.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+D duplicates the selected objects.
    • Modifiers: ALT+D duplicates linked the selected objects. When edit the original object, linked object will be automatically updated.
  • E key: in Edit Mode will extrude the current selection along selection general direction.
    • Modifiers: you can extrude along an axis pressing X, Y or Z or you can force extrusion to be exclude one of axes using a combination of two of the following: SHIFT+X or SHIT+Y or SHIFT+Z. Somehow similar to scale in a plane, but since an extrusion cannot be done in 2 directions at once, the selection of a plane will make possible the extrusion in a direction between the 2 axes choosed.
  • F key: Make Edge/Face, providing you are selecting enough vertices it will make an edge (2 vertex selected) or a face (3-4 vertex selected).
    • Modifiers: ALT+F perform a "Beauty Fill" filling with polygons a loop hole in a mesh. Not the best solution, but a fast one.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+F will put editor camera in a Fly mode, enabling the user to fly in scene much like the plane in a game. The mouse wheel will control the speed of flight. There is also a very discrete target displayed in the center of the screen, moving the mouse outside this target rectangle edges, will rotate the camera in scene. Is a bit cumbersome to master at beginning but is a very helpful tool to explore some zones and to get a general felling of the scene.
  • H key: hide objects/meshes in Edit Mode and in Object Mode.
    • Modifiers: ALT+H unhide all the hided objects/mehses.
  • G key: grab/move the selection.
    • Modifiers: additional if you press X, Y or Z (once) it will move the selection on the selected axe. If you press SHIFT while selecting the axe X and Y, the selection is going to move only on plane XY.
  • J key:
    • Modifiers: CTRL+J will join selected objects in Object Mode.
  • L Key: Edit mode, it appears to select the first mesh in list. In Object Mode will bring up the Make Local pop-up.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+L, if at least one vertex/edge/face is selected will select the whole mesh in edit mode. In Object Mode will bring up the Make Links pop-up.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+L it appears to clear the selection made wil L key.
  • M key: move the selection to another layer, only available in Object mode.
    • Modifiers: ALT+M opens the vertices merge pop-up. Pressing 1, 2 or 3 will automatically select one of the options (At Center, At Cursor, Collapse).
  • N key: toggle the Transform window.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+N in Edit Mode will recalculate the normals outside the selected mesh. There is a tiny check-up in the Tools window (left side of the screen usually) that let you flip the normals inside if required.
  • O key: toggle Falloff Proportional Editing Mode for various commands like G grab.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+O open blender file (at least on windows os).
  • P key: on Object Mode will put Blender in Game mode. On Edit Mode will bring up the Separate pop-up with options to separate by the current selection, or by material or by loose parts.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+P will make current selection a parent of the rest of selected objects.
    • Modifiers: ALT+P will bring up the pop-up window to remove the parent of current selection objects.
  • R key: rotate the selection. If you press the R twice it going to rotate the object as trackball.
    • Modifiers: additional, if you press X,Y or Z (once) it will rotate the selection along the selected axe. If you press SHIFT while selecting (for example) the axe X and Y, the selection is going to rotate in XY plane (this is the same as selecting the Z axis, but is going to give you a better look on which plane the rotation is done).
    • Modifiers: CTRL+R brings up the Loop Edge Cut tool.
  • S key: scale the selection.
    • Modifiers: additional if you press X, Y or Z (once) it will scale the selection along the selected axe. If you press SHIFT while selecting the axe X and Y, the selection is going to scale along the plane XY.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+S save (at least under windows).
  • T key: toggle the Tools window.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+T in Edit Mode will transform the Quads of selected mesh in Triangles.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+T in Edit Mode adds a dotted box center on the mesh pivot point which represent the Texture Space (to get rid of that box if you accidentally pressed SHIFT+T go to properties->object  panel->display and un-tick the Texture Space check box).
  • U key: bring up the UV Mapping pop-up window.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+U brings up the Save User Settings pop-up,
  • W key: in Object Mode/Edit Mode brings up the Special pop-up with specific commands for each mode.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+W save the file no matter the position of the mouse over any of the interface windows.
  • V key: ripp faces, works mostly on loop edges.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+V bring up the Vertices pop-up.
    • Modifiers: ALT+V will resize an object by his texture dimensions.
  • X key: delete the selection, with a confirmation dialog.
  • Z key: toggle the viewport shading, between solid/textured/wireframe.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+Z undo (at least under windows os)


  • Left Mouse: place 3D cursor at mouse click in scene.
    • Modifiers: CTRL+Left Mouse will open a lasso tool that selects everything inside.
  • Right Mouse: select the object underneath mouse.
    • Modifiers: SHIFT+Right Mouse will add the new selection to the current selection. The object marked as the current object selected is the last one selected and id going to have a yellow contour line, while the rest of the objects in selection a dark red line contour,
    • Modifiers: CTRL+Right Mouse will toggle the selection of the object behind another object if there is one, or the object beneath the mouse if there is only one object present. If more than 2 objects it's going to cycle between objects.
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